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This modest little site is all about books, or more specifically, about bookwriting.  When folk retire, a fair proportion of them want to take up something completely different from what they did to earn a crust. A huge number turn to writing, a need to have that book inside them out on to the page for others to share. And it is that part of the story I address on this site. Regrettably, for the majority of us, writing will remain just a pleasurable distraction, unless you have immense talent and have the most influentual contacts with literary agents, mainstream publishers and distributors, it will remain just that, a hobby. Even professional writers may only average sales of around a 1,000 books per year, and the competition is stifling. So, lower your sights, forget global sales and look around you, there is a small but enthusiastic bunch of LOCAL people waiting to read your inner thoughts or your advice on growing rhubarb,  so self- publish your books! Sell to local book retailers as an independent author-publisher and maybe Waterstones, using their submission process via Gardner's.     It's brilliant fun and doesn't  cost a 
fortune!  If the desire to go global won't go away, put your
book on Kindle  Direct, it's free and  you never know, you 
may end up being  nominated for a Booker !


New book on sale NOW!

My first professionally published book entitled

Churchill's Boomers 

Available at Amazon, Waterstones and this site!



Local history written and illustrated in a very amusing style from the Norman Conquest through to BREXIT! 

Illustrated throughout by Colin Fisher and a special insert by John Hilton.

Available from Dukes Stationers, High Street, Henley in Arden .



Extract from Henley News - May 2017:-
Local amateur playwright and author Ray Evans is proud to announce the publication of his first professional work entitled “CHURCHILL’S BOOMERS” which will be available from all good bookshops and the on-line shop at the Book Guild from the 28th of September this year. The piece is a rather tongue in cheek account from a nine year old Ray about life in Birmingham just after WW2 during 1952. This is bound to be of interest to those amongst us who were born during the nineteen-forties as it amusingly remembers the abject fun gained so innocently from such pursuits as ABC Minors, building dens, conkering and collecting your weekly allowance of sweets using mum’s ration book! It contains an amusing personal retrospective by Ray on his initiation in to the National Health Service Act and the revolutionary Education Act raising the leaving age to fifteen. It may also gain the interest of the younger reader as it is crammed with the most delightful illustrations by Colin Fisher our local artist, depicting milestone childhood moments in Selly Oak.
​The Book Guild
Foyles​ OR 
​from this site shop!


​APRIL 2018

A new controversial play, which due to a recent and unexpected  event, is now highly topical. A dark but humourous mystery  leaving the audience bamboozled until the very end. 

The premier for this exciting new production will be at the annual ARTS4ALL festival  by kind  arrangement with Henley Guild Hall Trust, to take place from the 23rd to 29th of April 2018. Look out for publicity in local press and on this website.

A week of artistic and social history, something for everyone!

​​​​ SPRING 2018
The Hathaway

Ray is putting the finishing touches to his latest book entitled 'Shakespeare - The Hathaway Perspective' based on his successful stageplay premiered in  2016. 

An account of the great woman behind the great man, controversial but  easily accessible without too many  tiresome dates and names to remember.

An imaginative  and realistic  bitter-sweet story of their life together.

​Watch out for more news.


Though the narrative refers to the 'bommers' [Bomb site] in humourous terms, the reality is that the destruction by German bombs of several houses in Grove Avenue, resulted in the death and serious injury of a number of our neighbours and so the book is dedicated to their memory.   This personal tradegy of war inspired me to write the book in order to record the slow recovery back to normailty I was witness to in the fifties  for the new generations to ponder about. 

Ray Evans - October 2017

Mike Prince of Made in Birmingham TV invited Ray to come along to their studios in Birmingham  to chat about the publication of his new book, Churchill's Boomers.  Mike revealed that he too had fond memories of his childhood in Brum  and the conversation led to some amusing anicdotes from both. You can view the  programme by visiting . 

Churchill's Boomers


Ray attended a book signing at the wonderful new Selly Oak Library at the Pears Centre on Thursday 2nd November where amongst an audience of over 40 people he spoke about his inspiration and reasons for writing the book.

It was an opportunity to meet and greet many of Ray's old pals and neighbours from the area, some of which he had not met for over sixty years!

It was a happy day and Ray sends out his sincere thanks to all that took the trouble to come along!

Look out for the new book Shakespeare - Fake News, further news on this site soon.


Guild Hall Henley in Arden Saturday 2nd December next!


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