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I have been writing all of my life.

Even at school I regaled my pals with made up stories of adventure and derring-do, got into trouble with my educators, had to appear with my dad for a dressing down from the Head Teacher for romancing, a kind and almost forgiving description for lying!

I left the excitement of creative narrative behind when I qualified as an Electrical Engineer, exchanged fantasy for fact, buckled down and became a very small cog in a very large machine.

But the lust for prose never ever left me, in my early thirties I took up amateur dramatics which led to a love of words, scripts, scriptwriters and all things make-believe.

Pinter, Ayckbourn, Bennett, then Shakespeare, Marlowe and Jonson, all took my eclectic fancy, inspired me.

I wrote a couple of plays, thought it was easy to do so, they were awful, unlike the narrative in a book, which may or may not be read by others, stage plays are dynamic and instantly accepted or rejected by the observer.

They improved, eventually won praise. A senior script editor at Josef Weinberger, having read one of my submissions said he had enjoyed the play, that it contained a good sense of natural dialogue and comedic rhythm, whilst being a little blighted by repetition of thought. He didn’t however accept it for publication.

I soldiered on encouraged and tolerated by all who love me, specifically my long suffering wife!

I now have three published books to my name, and one of my plays has been performed on the professional stage. Others will follow.

Why this introduction? Simply to say that if you have a burning desire to write even though it seems pretentious, don’t stifle it, don’t feel you are not worth listening to, the heroes I list above suffered for their early work, believe me.

Write on, self-publish, if only for the enlightenment of your grandkids after you have gone, be immortal!

​Ray will be publishing a new series of his stageplays later this year!

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